Welcome to the February Edition of the Murtala Muhammed Foundation Newsletter

As we progress into another month of 2024 filled with hope and determination, we are thrilled to reveal the February edition of the Murtala Muhammed Foundation Newsletter.

This edition takes you on a journey into the heart of our empowerment and humanitarian efforts, showcasing resilience, progress, and the collaborative initiatives that drive social justice and positive change. We’re thrilled to share with you the latest chapter in our journey of impact and empowerment. February signifies a time of renewal, growth, and boundless opportunities, and we’re excited to showcase the remarkable strides we’ve taken toward fulfilling our mission.

Here are the initiatives, programs and events that have continued to shape our mission.

please enjoy reading and thanks for being on this journey with us!



The Murtala Muhammed Foundation, under the leadership of Dr Mrs Aisha Muhammed-Oyebode, spearheaded a significant mission alongside dedicated staff members Dr Charles and Mr Muyiwa. Their collaboration with the Sisters at Treasure of Love Orphanage aimed to advocate for marginalized, vulnerable, and disabled children.

The esteemed gathering included key figures such as Lagos State Governor Dr. Babajide Sanwolu, Deputy Chief of Staff Mr. Gboyega Soyanwo, and Secretary to the State Government, Barr. Bimbo Salu-Hundeyin. Together, they engaged in discussions focused on fostering sustainable solutions for the welfare of children in need.


The meeting yielded actionable next steps, emphasizing policy reforms and heightened attention to the needs of disabled children. This collaborative effort marks a pivotal journey towards a more inclusive and compassionate society.

Thanks to your unwavering support, we’ve made significant strides in driving impactful change through sustainable initiatives. Our recent visit to the Lagos State Governor further amplified our impact, fostering collaboration and advancing our mission.


We are delighted to share an update on the initiatives aimed at enhancing the lives of the children at the Treasure of Love Orphanage Home. 

As part of our actionable steps, we successfully framed and presented celebration pictures from the Dec 31 event, nurturing a stronger sense of sisterhood and family bonds among the sisters and the children.

The Murtala Muhammad Foundation celebrates and acknowledges these remarkable sisters who have dedicated their lives to nurturing the growth of these children. This framed picture not only symbolizes the family bonds but also celebrates the profound sense of sisterhood among them and the children they support while embodying the values of inclusivity and community empowerment.


We are thrilled to introduce the exceptional individuals who have joined us as volunteers for 2024, Cohort 1, at the Murtala Muhammed Foundation!

Our volunteer program is deeply rooted in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), catalyzing impactful change that resonates with global priorities. We are committed to empowering communities, uplifting marginalised individuals, and advancing sustainable development initiatives worldwide. 

Within our diverse array of initiatives, we witness exceptional contributions from some of our volunteers, whose dedication and passion greatly enrich our efforts. We are truly delighted to have them on board. 

As we commemorate the launch of Cohort 1, we extend an invitation for prospective volunteers to prepare for Cohort 2 and consider joining our esteemed volunteer program, where they can contribute meaningfully to our shared mission.

To learn more about our volunteer opportunities and how you can get involved, visit our website

On the 13th of February 2024, we marked the passing of our patron, the Late General Ramat Murtala Muhammed, Nigeria’s 4th Head of State from July 29, 1975, to February 13, 1976.

General Murtala Muhammed’s visionary leadership continues to serve as the bedrock of our foundation, and we are profoundly grateful for the blessings bestowed upon us by God through his guidance. Through the Murtala Muhammed Foundation, his unwavering commitment to service and progress remains a guiding light, inspiring generations to strive for excellence.

As we reflect on the legacy of General Murtala Muhammed, let us join hands in honoring his memory by revisiting his timeless speeches that resonate with courage, vision, and an unwavering commitment to progress. The Murtala Muhammed Foundation remains steadfast in its mission to empower lives, cultivate leadership, and drive sustainable development across Nigeria and beyond.

The acknowledgement of this occasion by publications such as The New Telegraph and the Nigerian Tribune highlights the lasting significance of General Murtala Muhammed’s leadership in shaping our nation’s history. We are grateful for all your continued support as we honour the memory and legacy of General Murtala Muhammed.

The Murtala Muhammed Foundation is calling on all Nigerians to be a part of this historic endeavor by sharing their eyewitness accounts and reflections of the #EndSARS Movement.

The goal of our upcoming book is to capture the essence of the #EndSARS Movement, to curate a comprehensive account that reflects the diverse perspectives and experiences of those involved. Whether you were at the forefront of the protests, witnessed key events unfold, or have valuable insights to offer, your voice deserves to be heard.

We believe in the importance of preserving the truth, backed by credible evidence and firsthand accounts.

Furthermore, we encourage contributions from all corners of Nigeria, not just Lagos State, where the movement originated. The impact of #EndSARS was felt nationwide, and we want to ensure that every perspective Is represented in our book.

Send your submissions to info@witnessingendsars.pub  and Join us in being a witness to history!


We’re excited to announce our ongoing partnership with African Science Academy, Facilitated by the African Gifted Foundation. We’re passionate about empowering women and fostering diversity and inclusion in STEM. Through this collaboration, we’re committed to promoting scholarship opportunities specifically tailored for young African women in STEM. 

This scholarship empowers young Nigerian girls from underprivileged backgrounds with a passion for S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) by giving them a full scholarship to the prestigious African Science Academy in Ghana.

Do you have the potential to change the world? If you’re a brilliant and motivated girl who dreams of excelling in S.T.E.M. fields, we encourage you to apply! The application form is now open for a limited time!

 Click here to apply.


As part of the ongoing initiative by the Murtala Muhammed Foundation to empower scholars and facilitate their growth, a monitoring and evaluation exercise was conducted with scholars from the Federal Government College, Buni Yadi. 

The meeting with FGC Buni Yadi Scholars provided insight into their well-being and academic achievements, reflecting the impact of the Murtala Muhammed Foundation’s support. Scholars showcased remarkable academic excellence, displaying a strong dedication to their studies and achieving commendable results.

During the session, scholars expressed their overall well-being, attributing it to the positive influence of the foundation’s support in their lives. They highlighted the significant role the foundation played in their academic journey, expressing heartfelt appreciation for the scholarship and continuous assistance provided.

stay tuned for more program updates!

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