As a scholarship beneficiary from 2016 to 2021, I am immensely grateful to the Murtala Muhammed Foundation for the invaluable support provided throughout my academic journey at the University of Lagos. This scholarship not only eased the financial burden but also paved the way for me to attain a degree in social work. Today, I am honored to give back to the community as an Assistant Program Officer at MMF, putting into practice the skills and knowledge I gained during my scholarship years. Thank you, MMF, for not only funding my education but also for fostering my career and personal growth

Yahi Mohammed Maina

My family has faced difficulties supporting my siblings and covering my school expenses. I was overjoyed when I learned about the scholarships from the Murtala Muhammed Foundation and Sahara Foundation. We are deeply grateful to MMF, and we pray for their blessings.

Binta Tinja Bukar

I was really excited upon learning that I had been awarded a scholarship, this renewed my hope of being a medical doctor and also helping my community.

Gloria Sunday Patrick

My family faced challenges paying for my school fees. When I received the scholarship from the Murtala Muhammed Foundation and Sahara Foundation, it brought joy to my parents and us. We are grateful to both foundations.

Khadija Ahmed

Thanks to the Murtala Muhammed Foundation and Sahara Foundation, I am filled with happiness, and I can see the joy in my parents. It has given me hope for a brighter future. During holidays, I often had to balance studying with supporting my father. I'm determined to excel in my studies and aim to be the top student next term.

Suleiman Musa Sarki

My father was kidnapped in Yobe after his transfer from Abuja, causing me to stop attending school due to security concerns and financial constraints. This scholarship is a ray of hope in my life, and I'm deeply thankful for the opportunity provided by the foundation.

Shedrack Abednego

This scholarship brings happiness to my family, especially my mother, who is a primary school teacher. We lost my father to insurgency years ago, and this support eases the burden on us

Umar Bala
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