2012 Impact Summary

Responding to Crises, Shaping Policies, and Continuing Educational Support

The year 2012 marked a period of active response to crises, strategic policy discussions, and ongoing efforts to enhance education for the Murtala Muhammed Foundation. Here are the key highlights from this eventful year:

  1. Assistance to Victims of the Bomb Blast in Kano:

    • The foundation demonstrated its commitment to humanitarian efforts by providing assistance to victims of a bomb blast in Kano. This initiative highlighted the foundation’s responsiveness to crises and its dedication to supporting communities affected by tragic events.
  2. Public Policy and Governance, 2011 and Beyond: Roadmap for Change and Nigeria’s Economic Development:

    • Building on its earlier policy dialogue, the foundation continued its engagement in public policy and governance discussions. The focus on “Roadmap for Change and Nigeria’s Economic Development” indicated a strategic effort to contribute to shaping policies that could drive positive change and economic growth.
  3. Expansion of Computer for Schools Initiative:

    • The Computer for Schools initiative expanded further in 2012, reaching various schools. This ongoing commitment to providing schools with access to technology emphasized the foundation’s belief in the transformative power of education and digital literacy.
  4. NEMA Visit to the Dana Air Plane Crash Site:

    • The foundation actively participated in crisis response by visiting the site of the Dana Air plane crash with NEMA (National Emergency Management Agency). This engagement likely involved assessing the situation, providing support, and contributing to relief efforts for the victims and affected communities.

The activities in 2012 reflected the Murtala Muhammed Foundation’s multifaceted approach, encompassing both crisis response and strategic engagement in policy discussions. The ongoing commitment to educational initiatives, including the Computer for Schools program, showcased the foundation’s belief in the transformative power of education as a catalyst for positive change. As we continue to explore the foundation’s journey, stay tuned for more insights into subsequent years and their contributions to positive change in Nigeria and Africa.

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