2017 Women's Power Lunch: A Gathering of Icons for Change

The 2017 Murtala Muhammed Foundation Women’s Power Lunch marked a momentous occasion – the third edition of this impactful event. This year’s gathering lived up to its reputation, fostering a vibrant space for women leaders and changemakers to connect, inspire, and strategise for a more equitable future.

The theme of solidarity continued to resonate, bringing together an “inspiring speech to a cross generational audience of women.” Participants hailed from diverse backgrounds, encompassing the private sector, government, civil society, media, and the arts. This rich tapestry of experiences ensured a dynamic exchange of ideas and perspectives.

The 2017 event boasted a distinguished guest list, featuring two iconic figures as keynote speakers:
  • Her Excellency, Mrs. Graça Machel Mandela DBE: The former first lady of both South Africa and Mozambique, Mrs. Machel Mandela is a global advocate for human rights, women’s empowerment, and children’s education. Her presence at the Women’s Power Lunch undoubtedly served as a source of immense inspiration.
  • Her Excellency, Dr. Hilda Joyce Banda: Dr. Banda, the former President of Malawi, returned to the Women’s Power Lunch stage, building upon her powerful message from the previous year. Her continued participation exemplifies the significance of this platform for sustained dialogue and action.
Leading the Charge:
The event was further elevated by the presence of H.E, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, GCFR, Former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, who served as the chairman. President Obasanjo’s commitment to fostering gender equality added another layer of weight and importance to the proceedings. A Catalyst for Change: The 2017 Women’s Power Lunch served as a powerful catalyst for change. By bringing together established leaders like Mrs. Machel Mandela and Dr. Banda with a diverse audience of emerging changemakers, the event fostered a spirit of collaboration and ignited a renewed commitment to dismantling barriers and advancing gender equality. The lasting impact of this gathering continues to resonate across Africa and beyond.
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