2006 Impact Summary

A Decade of Reflection, Learning, and Impact

The year 2006 marked the 10th edition of the Murtala Muhammed Foundation Annual Lecture, a testament to a decade of engaging discussions and impactful initiatives. Here are the key highlights of this significant year:

  1. 10th Annual Lecture: “Africa – A New Agenda” by Jack Straw:

    • The 10th Annual Lecture welcomed Jack Straw, who delivered a keynote address on “Africa – A New Agenda.” This marked a milestone in the foundation’s journey, emphasizing the importance of setting a renewed and ambitious agenda for the continent.
  2. Global Perspectives on Disaster Management: 2nd Annual Murtala Muhammed Memorial Conference:

    • The foundation continued its commitment to disaster management with the 2nd Annual Murtala Muhammed Memorial Conference. Titled “Global Perspectives on Disaster Management,” the conference brought together experts to share insights and best practices in addressing and mitigating the impact of disasters.
  3. Survivor’s Conference by Professor Richard Williams:

    • Professor Richard Williams conducted a Survivor’s Conference at Transcorp Hotel. This event likely focused on the experiences and perspectives of individuals who had survived various challenges, providing a platform for shared learnings and resilience.
  4. Continuation of the Kano Borehole Water Project:

    • The foundation persisted in its commitment to community development with the continuation of the Kano Borehole Water Project. Access to clean water is a fundamental aspect of improving the quality of life in communities, and this project contributed to addressing this essential need.

In 2006, the Murtala Muhammed Foundation not only celebrated a decade of its Annual Lecture series but also continued to expand its efforts in disaster management, community development, and global engagement. As the foundation entered its second decade of existence, it remained steadfast in its mission to contribute to positive change and sustainable development. Stay tuned for more insights into the subsequent years as we explore the evolving journey of the Murtala Muhammed

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