2011 Impact Summary

Policy Dialogues, Memorial Lectures, and Expanding Educational Initiatives

The year 2011 marked a period of active engagement in public policy, governance, and educational initiatives for the Murtala Muhammed Foundation. Here are the key highlights from this dynamic year:

  1. Public Policy and Governance: 2011 and Beyond Policy Dialogue with Presidential Candidates:

    • The foundation organized a policy dialogue, titled “Public Policy and Governance: 2011 and Beyond,” engaging with presidential candidates. This initiative reflected the foundation’s commitment to fostering discussions on critical issues related to governance and public policy, particularly during a significant electoral period.
  2. Memorial Lecture:

    • The memorial lecture held in 2011 served as a platform to reflect on the legacy of General Murtala Muhammed. Such events not only honor the memory of the late leader but also provide an opportunity for insightful discussions on issues relevant to the foundation’s mission and goals.
  3. Partnership with TYDF to Donate Computers to Schools in Edo State:

    • Collaborating with TYDF (The Tony Elumelu Foundation), the Murtala Muhammed Foundation extended its support to education by donating computers to five schools in Edo State. This partnership demonstrated the power of collective efforts in advancing educational infrastructure.
  4. Inception of Computer for Schools in Various States:

    • The foundation expanded its reach with the inception of the Computer for Schools initiative in various schools across different states. This program aimed to bridge the digital gap in education, providing students with access to technology and promoting digital literacy.

The activities in 2011 showcased the Murtala Muhammed Foundation’s active role in shaping public policy discussions, honoring its founder through memorial events, and collaborating with other organizations to enhance educational opportunities. The ongoing commitment to the Computer for Schools initiative further underscored the foundation’s dedication to advancing education and empowering the younger generation with essential skills. As we delve deeper into the foundation’s journey, stay tuned for more insights into subsequent years and their contributions to positive change in Nigeria and Africa.

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