2013 Impact Summary

International Engagement, and Policy Discourse.

The year 2013 for the Murtala Muhammed Foundation featured a mix of international engagement, policy dialogues, and technological advancements. Here are the key highlights from this eventful year:

  1. WID-EAA Namibian Women Visit to Nigeria:

    • The Murtala Muhammed Foundation facilitated a visit from WID-EAA (Women in Dialogue), Namibian women. This international engagement involved discussions on women’s issues, and collaborative efforts to promote gender equality and empowerment.
  2. Policy Dialogue: Investing in Africa’s Future:

    • The foundation continued its commitment to policy dialogue with a focus on “Investing in Africa’s Future.” This initiative indicated a strategic effort to address key issues related to investment, development, and the continent’s future trajectory.
  3. Zubabox Launch in Akure:

    • A significant technological milestone was achieved with the launch of Zubabox in Akure. Zubabox, often associated with computer centers powered by solar energy, demonstrated the foundation’s commitment to providing sustainable technology solutions and enhancing digital access in communities.
  4. Pre-Conference Dinner in August:

    • A pre-conference dinner held in August likely served as a preparatory event for upcoming conferences or dialogues. These gatherings often provide an opportunity for networking, discussions, and setting the stage for the main conference agenda.

The activities in 2013 showcased the Murtala Muhammed Foundation’s dedication to diverse areas, including international collaboration, policy engagement, technological innovation, and community development. The launch of Zubabox, in particular, reflected the foundation’s commitment to leveraging technology for positive social impact. As we continue to explore the foundation’s journey, stay tuned for more insights into subsequent years and their contributions to positive change in Nigeria and Africa.

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