2016 Impact Summary

Advancing Technology, Empowering Women, Commemorations, and Community Support

The year 2016 for the Murtala Muhammed Foundation was characterized by a diverse range of initiatives, from technological advancements to empowering women and commemorating significant events. Here are the key highlights from this dynamic year:

  1. AWANGO Distribution and Training:

    • The foundation continued its commitment to technological empowerment with the distribution and training associated with AWANGO. AWANGO likely refers to solar solutions, reflecting the foundation’s focus on sustainable and clean energy technologies.
  2. Women in Development Enterprise Across Africa:

    • The foundation persisted in its efforts to empower women through the Women in Development Enterprise Across Africa initiative. This ongoing program likely included various activities aimed at enhancing the economic and social standing of women.
  3. Murtala Muhammed 40th Memorial Lecture:

    • A significant milestone was marked with the 40th Memorial Lecture in honor of General Murtala Muhammed. This annual lecture series likely provided a platform for insightful discussions on key issues facing Nigeria and Africa.
  4. 2nd Anniversary Commemoration of the Chibok Girls:

    • The foundation observed the 2nd anniversary of the abduction of the Chibok Girls, continuing its advocacy for their release and commemorating the ongoing struggle for their freedom.
  5. Lagos State Equality Opportunity March:

    • The foundation participated in the Lagos State Equality Opportunity March, emphasizing the importance of equal opportunities and advocating for inclusivity.
  6. Donation of Sewing Machines at Dorayo Rehabilitation:

    • The foundation contributed to vocational training and rehabilitation by donating sewing machines at Dorayo Rehabilitation. This initiative likely aimed to provide skills and economic opportunities for individuals undergoing rehabilitation.
  7. Youth Seminar:

    • A Youth Seminar was likely organized, focusing on engaging and empowering young individuals through discussions, workshops, and skill-building activities.
  8. Solar Technology Marketing with Total Nigeria:

    • The foundation engaged in solar technology marketing with Total Nigeria, indicating collaborative efforts to promote and market sustainable energy solutions.
  9. Relief Donation to Chibok Community:

    • The foundation continued its support for the Chibok community with a relief donation. This ongoing commitment demonstrated solidarity and assistance to a community that faced challenges.

The activities in 2016 highlighted the foundation’s dedication to technological innovation, women’s empowerment, educational initiatives, and its ongoing commitment to advocacy and support for communities in need. As we continue to explore the foundation’s journey, stay tuned for more insights into subsequent years and their contributions to positive change in Nigeria and Africa.

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