2016 Women's Power Lunch: A Call for Solidarity and Inclusion

The 2016 Murtala Muhammed Foundation Women’s Power Lunch marked a significant milestone – the second edition of this transformative event. Held under the theme “Women in Solidarity: A New Paradigm for Inclusion,” the lunch brought together a powerful force for change: women leaders across Africa.

This year’s keynote speaker was a true inspiration – Her Excellency Joyce Banda, the former president of Malawi. Dr. Banda’s multifaceted career as an entrepreneur, activist, politician, and philanthropist embodies the very essence of the Women’s Power Lunch. Her address served as a powerful call to action, urging women across the continent to recognise their immense potential as agents of change.

Dr. Banda’s message resonated deeply: women are crucial contributors to economic, political, and social development. She challenged the audience to embrace their roles and actively participate in shaping the future. Furthermore, she emphasised the importance of women seeking and pursuing leadership positions in government.

The 2016 Women’s Power Lunch reinforced the Murtala Muhammed Foundation’s core belief: when women unite, their collective power becomes an unstoppable force for positive change. By fostering solidarity and collaboration, women can break down barriers and dismantle the walls of gender inequality.

The 2016 event serves as a lasting testament to the transformative power of the Women’s Power Lunch. It is a powerful reminder that women can build a more inclusive and equitable future for all through collective action and unwavering commitment.

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