2017 Impact Summary

Humanitarian Outreach, Widow's Support, Commemorations, and Thought Leadership

The year 2017 for the Murtala Muhammed Foundation was marked by diverse initiatives, ranging from humanitarian outreach and widow’s support to commemorations and thought leadership. Here are the key highlights from this impactful year:

  1. CNN Freedom Day – Medical Outreach in Oliza Methodist Primary School:

    • The foundation participated in CNN Freedom Day, likely focusing on raising awareness about issues related to freedom, human rights, and social justice. A medical outreach at Oliza Methodist Primary School showcased the foundation’s commitment to healthcare in the community.
  2. CAC Widow’s Gift:

    • The foundation extended support to widows through the CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission) Widow’s Gift initiative. This effort likely involved providing gifts and assistance to widows, acknowledging the challenges they face.
  3. 41st Anniversary of Murtala Muhammed:

    • The 41st anniversary of the late General Murtala Muhammed was commemorated, honoring his legacy and contributions to Nigeria. Such events serve as a moment of reflection on the ideals and values espoused by the late leader.
  4. Acknowledgment of the 3rd Anniversary of the Abduction of the Chibok Girls:

    • The foundation acknowledged the 3rd anniversary of the abduction of the Chibok Girls. This recognition likely involved activities aimed at raising awareness, advocating for their release, and commemorating the challenges faced by the affected families.
  5. 2017 Murtala Muhammed Memorial Lecture:

    • The foundation continued its tradition of hosting the Murtala Muhammed Memorial Lecture. This thought leadership event likely featured distinguished speakers engaging in critical discussions on key issues facing Nigeria and Africa, in alignment with the late General Murtala Muhammed’s legacy.

The activities in 2017 showcased the Murtala Muhammed Foundation’s commitment to humanitarian causes, support for vulnerable groups, commemoration of significant events, and thought leadership through the memorial lecture. These initiatives reflected the foundation’s dedication to positive change, social justice, and honouring the legacy of General Murtala Muhammed. As we continue to explore the foundation’s journey, stay tuned for more insights into subsequent years and their contributions to positive change in Nigeria and Africa.

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